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#define IDSIZE   64
#define HTMNAMEMAX   32
#define HTMMAXDEPTH   25
#define MAX_SQL_DEPTH   20
#define HTMMAXKEEP   12
#define HTMMAXBIT   14
#define IDHIGHBIT   0x8000000000000000LL
#define IDHIGHBIT2   0x4000000000000000LL
#define PRINTID(x)   printf("%llu",(x))
#define PRINTID_HEX(x)   printf("%llX",(x))
#define SWAP(a, b)   { a^=b; b^=a; a^=b; }


typedef char int8
typedef unsigned char uint8
typedef short int int16
typedef unsigned short int uint16
typedef int int32
typedef unsigned int uint32
typedef float float32
typedef double float64
typedef long long int64
typedef unsigned long long uint64


const float64 gPi = 3.1415926535897932385E0
const float64 gPr = gPi/180.0
const float64 gEpsilon = 1.0E-15

Define Documentation

#define HTMMAXBIT   14
#define HTMMAXDEPTH   25
#define HTMMAXKEEP   12
#define HTMNAMEMAX   32
#define IDHIGHBIT   0x8000000000000000LL

Referenced by SpatialIndex::nameById().

#define IDHIGHBIT2   0x4000000000000000LL

Referenced by SpatialIndex::nameById().

#define IDSIZE   64

Referenced by SpatialIndex::nameById().

#define MAX_SQL_DEPTH   20
#define PRINTID (  )     printf("%llu",(x))
#define PRINTID_HEX (  )     printf("%llX",(x))
#define SWAP ( a,
 )     { a^=b; b^=a; a^=b; }

Typedef Documentation

typedef float float32
typedef double float64
typedef short int int16
typedef int int32
typedef long long int64
typedef char int8
typedef unsigned short int uint16
typedef unsigned int uint32
typedef unsigned long long uint64
typedef unsigned char uint8

Variable Documentation

const float64 gEpsilon = 1.0E-15
const float64 gPi = 3.1415926535897932385E0
const float64 gPr = gPi/180.0
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