Rediscovering HD 163296 with ALMA

Vienna Observatory Colloquium, 27 Jan 2014

Even though ALMA is not yet fully commissioned, it is already breaking new ground on sources we thought we knew very well already. In this talk, I summarize the key new discoveries in the HD 163296 system taken from Science Verification data.

Gearing up for ALMA Cycle 2

Various Universities and insitutes in The Netherlands and Belgium, 30 Oct 2013 - 15 Nov 2013

Giving an overview of the science already being acheived with ALMA, and what users can expect for Cycle 2. This included a hands on tutorial of the ALMA Observing Tool at each institute.

Ionized and Molecular Gas Dynamics in High-Mass Star Forming Regions

Liverpool John Moores Univeristy, 9 August 2013
University of Amsterdam, 11 Sep 2013

Discussion of my recent work on studying the ionized and molecular gas dynamics in a number of regions forming high mass stars.

The Molecular Disk Wind from HD 163296

Leiden Lunch talk, 3 July 2013

Introduction to the disk wind found coming from HD 163296 (Klaassen et al. 2013).

The IRAS 16293 Controversy

Leiden Observatory Seminar, 8 Feb 2013

Discussion of the recent results on ALMA Science Verification data of IRAS 16293-2422 (Kristensen, Klaassen et al. 2013).

Simulating ALMA observations with CASA

Lorentz Center Workshop on High Mass Star Formation, 24 Jan, 2013

A technical talk on how to use the in-built observation software in CASA to simulate ALMA observations