About Me

I am currently an instrument scientist at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, part of the UK Science and Technology Facilities council. I came here via ALMA fellowships at both Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands, and ESO in Garching, Germany after having completed my PhD (in 2008) at McMaster University in Canada.

There are two telescopes I support in my instrument scientist role here in Edinburgh: JWST (MIRI), and the SKA. Much of my time in Edinburgh is spent working within the MIRI group, focusing on developments of the IFU (Integral Field Unit) Spectrometer (also known as the Medium Resolution Spectrometer - MRS). Additionally, I'm embedded within the Telescope Manager element of the SKA consortium.

The rest of my time is spent doing my own science, which involves primarily using interferometers (SMA, CARMA, VLA and ALMA) to study the ionized and molecular gas dynamics in high mass star forming regions. The overarching goal of this research is to understand the final accretion stages in the formation of the most massive stars in our Galaxy.