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Class ProposalFeedback

Top level element for items to be calculated as part of the proposal feedback, used in the PhIM and for generating the summary documents of the proposal

General Info
Name ProposalFeedback 
Owner  obsproposal 
Visibility public 
Is Active false 
Is Abstract false 

Name Type Begins Ends 
 unnamed Association  ProposalFeedback  ReceiverTimeBreakdown 
 unnamed Association  ProposalFeedback  ArrayTimeBreakdown 
 unnamed Association  ObsProposal  ProposalFeedback 
 unnamed Association  ProposalFeedback  DataRateBreakdown 
 unnamed Association  ProposalFeedback  TimeAllocationBreakdown 

Name Type Classifier Default Value 
 unnamed  ObsProposal  ProposalFeedback  
 estimatedTotalIntegrationTime  Time  ProposalFeedback  
 unnamed  TimeAllocationBreakdown  ProposalFeedback  
 unnamed  DataRateBreakdown  ProposalFeedback  
 unnamed  ReceiverTimeBreakdown  ProposalFeedback  
 unnamed  ArrayTimeBreakdown  ProposalFeedback