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Class ObsProposal

The ObsProposal contains data that are specific to Phase I of an Observing Project. This is not detailed at the moment, with most attributes being placeholders. Note that the ObsProposal (being a subclass of ObsPhase) also contains a SciencePlan and an ObsPlan. During Phase I the Science Plan must be used to enter science goals, and thus target and frequency details. The Observing Plan may be used to construct SBs that can be submitted to the ALMA simulator.

General Info
Name ObsProposal 
Owner  obsproposal 
Base Classifier  ObsPhase 
Visibility public 
Is Active false 
Is Abstract false 

Inner Elements
Name Type 
 unnamed Generalization 
 unnamed Instance Specification 

Name Type Begins Ends 
 unnamed Association  ProjectStatus  ObsProposal 
 unnamed Association  ObsProposal  ObsAttachment 
 unnamed Generalization  ObsProposal  ObsPhase 
 unnamed Association  ObsProposal  Investigator 
 unnamed Association  ObsProposal  Investigator 
 unnamed Association  ObsProposal  Investigator 
 unnamed Association  ObsProject  ObsProposal 
 unnamed Association  ObsProposal  ProposalFeedback 
 unnamed Association  ObsProposal  Investigator 
 unnamed Association  ObsProposal  Investigator 

Name Type Classifier Default Value 
 title  String  ObsProposal  
 code  String  ObsProposal  
 abstract  String  ObsProposal  
 relatedProposals  String  ObsProposal  
 previousProposals  String  ObsProposal  
 dateReceived  Date  ObsProposal  
 cycle  String  ObsProposal  
 unnamed  ObsProject  ObsProposal  
 Documents  ObsAttachment  ObsProposal  
 PrincipalInvestigator  Investigator  ObsProposal  
 CoInvestigator  Investigator  ObsProposal  
 studentProject  Boolean  ObsProposal false 
 continuation  Boolean  ObsProposal false 
 recentPublications  String  ObsProposal  
 scientificCategoryCode  String  ObsProposal 10 
 proposalTypeCode  String  ObsProposal 
 unnamed  ProposalFeedback  ObsProposal  
 scientificCategoryString  String  ObsProposal  
 proposalTypeString  String  ObsProposal  
 CoPrincipalInvestigator  Investigator  ObsProposal  
 keyword  String  ObsProposal  
 keywordCode  String  ObsProposal  
 resubmittedProjectCode  String  ObsProposal  
 isResubmission  Boolean  ObsProposal false 
 duplicateObservationsJustification  String  ObsProposal  
 attentionFlag  Boolean  ObsProposal false 
 attentionReason  String  ObsProposal  
 reviewer  Investigator  ObsProposal  
 mentor  Investigator  ObsProposal