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Class FieldSource

Description of the source to be observed. Includes coordinates, velocity, name and a set of SourceProperties.
Note: Major solar system bodies will be known by the system and can selected by name. For other moving bodies a SourceEphemeris may be specified: this should probably be its own type, but details are TBC. For now it is a String.

General Info
Name FieldSource 
Owner  schedblock 
Visibility public 
Is Active false 
Is Abstract false 

Inner Elements
Name Type 
 unnamed Instance Specification 

Name Type Begins Ends 
 unnamed Association  SchedBlock  FieldSource 
 unnamed Association  Reference  FieldSource 
 unnamed Association  FieldSource  Target 
 unnamed Association  FieldPattern  FieldSource 
 unnamed Association  SourceProperty  FieldSource 
 unnamed Association  FieldSource  QuerySource 
 unnamed Association  FieldSource  ObsAttachment 

Name Type Classifier Default Value 
 sourceCoordinates  SkyCoordinates  FieldSource  
 sourceName  String  FieldSource  
 sourceVelocity  Velocity  FieldSource  
 sourceEphemeris  String  FieldSource  
 pMRA  AngularVelocity  FieldSource  
 pMDec  AngularVelocity  FieldSource  
 nonSiderealMotion  Boolean  FieldSource false 
 solarSystemObject  SolarSystemObjects  FieldSource Unspecified 
 parallax  Angle  FieldSource  
 unnamed  Reference  FieldSource  
 unnamed  FieldPattern  FieldSource  
 unnamed  SchedBlock  FieldSource  
 name  String  FieldSource  
 isQuery  Boolean  FieldSource false 
 unnamed  QuerySource  FieldSource  
 ephemerisFileName  String  FieldSource  
 Image  ObsAttachment  FieldSource