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Class ObsUnitSet

A specialisation of ObsUnit that holds a collection of ObsUnits, This allows the creation of arbitrary structures, and also forms the container for SchedBlocks. Attributes allow the definition of data processing scripts that will occur at specific levels in the hierarchy.
Note that the "top level" ObsUnitSet within an Observing Phase has a role name of "ObsPlan". This is to indicate that it describes the actual observing plan, described in the ALMA "system view" intended executed at the observatory. (For PhaseI this ObsPlan, if it is detailed, is still to be confirmed and will never get executed. For Phase II it is what was approved and must be detailed and valid as it contains what will be executed).

General Info
Name ObsUnitSet 
Owner  obsproject 
Base Classifier  ObsUnit 
Visibility public 
Is Active false 
Is Abstract false 

Inner Elements
Name Type 
 unnamed Generalization 
 unnamed Instance Specification 

Name Type Begins Ends 
 unnamed Association  OUSStatus  ObsUnitSet 
 unnamed Association  FlowControl  ObsUnitSet 
 unnamed Association  ObsPhase  ObsUnitSet 
 unnamed Generalization  ObsUnitSet  ObsUnit 
 unnamed Association  SchedBlock  ObsUnitSet 
 unnamed Association  DataProcessingParameters  ObsUnitSet 
 unnamed Association  AbstractScienceGoal  ObsUnitSet 
 unnamed Association  ObsUnitSet  ObsUnit 

Name Type Classifier Default Value 
 scienceProcessingScript  String  ObsUnitSet  
 unnamed  ObsUnit  ObsUnitSet  
 unnamed  DataProcessingParameters  ObsUnitSet  
 unnamed  ObsPhase  ObsUnitSet  
 runSciencePipeline  Boolean  ObsUnitSet false 
 unnamed  OUSStatus  ObsUnitSet