The UKIRT Success Story Richard Ellis
UKIRT - the Project and the Early Years Terry Lee
The IRCAM Revolution Ian McLean
The Submm Years Ian Robson
CGS4 rules OK Phil Puxley
The UKIRT Upgrades Tim Hawarden
Operational Innovations Andy Adamson
WFCAM Mark Casali
UKIRT Polarimetry Jim Hough
Mid-infrared Observations from UKIRT Pat Roche
Star Formation Chris Davis
Asteroids and Comets from UKIRT John Davies
Spectroscopic Tomography of a Wind-collision Region Peredur Williams
Interstellar spectroscopy Tom Geballe
Brown dwarfs Sandy Leggett
White Dwarfs in UKIDSS Paul Steele
Discovery of Variables in WFCAM and VISTA Data Nicholas Cross
WFCAM Transit Survey Simon Hodgkin
The Near-infrared Extinction in the Galactic Plane Andrew Gosling
Observations and Modelling of PAHs Peter Sarre
Nearby Galaxies Phil James
Surveying the Local Group galaxies with WFCAM Mike Irwin
Radio and sub-mm galaxies Jim Dunlop
HiZELS Philip Best
Bright Lyman-alpha Emitters at z~9 with UKIRT: constraints on the luminosity function from HiZELS David Sobral
Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB) Nial Tanvir
UKIDSS Andy Lawrence

1. Large Area Survey (LAS)
2. Large Area Survey (LAS)
3. Large Area Survey (LAS)

Steve Warren
Ben Burningham
Daniel Mortlock
Galactic Plane Survey (GPS) Phil Lucas
Galactic Clusters Survey (GCS) Sarah Casewell
Deep Extragalactic Survey (DXS) Mark Swinbank
Ultra Deep Survey (UDS) Will Hartley
The Luminosity Function, Clustering Properties and Star Formation Rates of UV Selected Galaxies at 4.5<<z<<6 Ross McLure
The UKIRT Planet Finder (UPF) Hugh Jones
Summary Gary Davis