Wednesday 8th October 2008

09:30-11:20Registration & Coffee
Session 1: Chair Dr Wing-Fai Thi
11:20-11:30Dr Andy Longmore - Welcome to the Royal Observatory Edinburgh and overview of the workshop
11:30-12:20Prof Simon Conway Morris - Evolution is predictable, so where are the extra-terrestrials?
12:20-13:00Dr Giovanna Tinetti - Exploring extrasolar worlds: from gas giants to terrestrial habitable
13:00-14:00Buffet lunch
Session 2: Chair Prof Peter Clarke
14:00-14:40Prof John Parnell - Could we find evidence of life in meteorites?
14:40-15:20Dr Jane Greaves - Debris disks and exo-planet habitability
15:20-15:40Dr J Douglas Armstrong – Genetic dissection of gravity perception in the fruit fly Drosophila
Session 3: Chair tbc
16:00-16:40Dr Marialuisa Aliotta - The origin of elements in the universe
16:40-17:00Duncan Forgan - SETI: a new monte carlo approach
17:00-17:30David Kipping - Searching for the moons of extrasolar planets
17:30-18:00Coach to Dynamic Earth
18:30-19:30Public lecture: Prof Monica Grady β€œAre we alone?”
19:30-20:30Reception and gallery viewing at Our Dynamic Earth

Thursday 9th October 2008

Session 4: Chair Prof Malcolm McMahon
09:00-09:40Dr Leslie Hebb - How do observations of extra-solar planets fit our understanding of planet formation and evolution?
09:40-10:20Dr Albert Bolhuis - The Rough Guide to extreme environments: a microbiological perspective
10:20-10:40Helen Maynard - Extreme environment facilities at the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions
Session 5: Chair Dr Andy Longmore
11:00-11:50Prof Monica Grady - Opportunities for life
11:50-12:30Dr John Barnes - The potential for precision radial velocities in the near infrared
12:30-13:30Buffet lunch
Session 6: Chair Dr Gillian Wright
13:30-14:10Dr Claudio Maccone - Recent progress in SETI
14:10-14:50Dr Markus Kasper – EPICS, the exoplanet imager for the E-ELT
14:50-15:10Dr Anders Johansen - Metallicity dependence of planetesimal formation
Session 7: Chair Prof John Raven
15:30-16:00Dr Lewis Dartnell - What is life and how do you spot it?
16:00-16:30Dr Tom Greene - Observing transiting exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope
16:30-16:50Dr Dan Hillier - Communicating with the public and schools about the search for life
17:15Coach into town
19:00-22:00drinks reception and conference dinner at Apex International Hotel, Grassmarket

Friday 10th October 2008

Session 8: Chair Dr Wayne Holland
09:30-10:10Dr Don Pollacco - The next decade of exoplanet detection
10:10-10:30Miss Francesca Faedi - A search for planets in star's graveyards. What is the fate of hot Jupiters?
10:30-11:10Dr Helen Fraser - Crash diets - or using weightlessness as a probe of star and planet formation
Session 9: Chair Dr Bill Dent
11:30-11:45Prof Alan Boss - Summary of the workshop
11:45-12:00Prof Graeme Ackland - Summary of the workshop
12:00-13:00Panel-led discussion
13:00-14:00Buffet lunch
14:00-15:00Depart / Astrobiology Scotland meeting (Chair: Dr Jane Greaves)