ROE Annual International Workshop

The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh runs an annual workshop on a current topic in astronomy. The details for the 2006 workshop have been announced.

celebrating the legacy of SCUBA and looking forward to the potential of SCUBA-2

It is widely recognised that SCUBA has been one of, if not the most successful ground-based instruments ever built. The output from SCUBA has demonstrated the dramatic importance of the relatively-unexplored submillimetre region of the spectrum, covering aspects of astronomy as diverse as planetary disks, star formation and galaxy evolution in the early Universe. The discoveries from SCUBA have revolutionised our view of these topics and opened up whole new areas of study, typified by the ‘SCUBA’ galaxies phenomenon.

We are now on the threshold of another revolution, moving from the first small-scale surveys of SCUBA to much more ambitious surveys using SCUBA-2. To celebrate the success of SCUBA, the imminent delivery of SCUBA-2 to the JCMT and the leadership that the UK has achieved in ground-based submillimetre continuum astronomy, a meeting will be held at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh on October 9–11 2006. The theme will be ‘The Submillimetre Revolution’ and the focus will be on the scientific output from SCUBA. This is the first call for papers for this meeting. We anticipate that contributed talks will be for around 15 minutes duration. We are very keen to have contributions from astronomers in the UK who have made major observations and discoveries using SCUBA. A list of invited review topics and speakers will be given on the web-page. Posters will also be welcomed.

We believe that the meeting content, both celebrating the past and looking to the future in the context of SCUBA2 and its relationship to Spitzer, Akari, Herschel, ALMA, and other major facilities will provide an excellent opportunity for PhD students to learn about the 'big pictures' in submillimetre astronomy. To encourage their attendance we are prepared to offer financial support for PhD students who wish to attend this meeting, up to £100 per person.

The meeting will commence at 1400 on Monday October 9th and will finish in the afternoon of the 11th. A dinner will be held on the Tuesday evening. The deadline for contributed papers is August 31st.

Further details can be found on the web-page:

We will have UKT14, SCUBA and SCUBA-2 available in the Crawford Laboratory and we intend to make this a media event to demonstrate the crucial role that the UK has played in leading and developing submillimetre continuum technology and astronomy.

For contributed paper submissions and enquiries please contact Ian Robson, Chair of the Scientific Organising Committee.