Here is the participant list for this year's meeting. Included are names, home institutions and details about the presentation that the attendee has suggested they might give. To see the title of a talk or poster, hold your mouse over the dotted text and a tooltip should appear for you. Please note that none of the talks or posters are confirmed at this stage; once we have a handle on demand for talk and poster slots, we will make a firm decision --- we expect this to be shortly after the registration deadline on the 7th of November.

  • Participant List for RAS YAM 2007 - 7 November 2007

    Bhaskar AgarwalUniversity of Sussex
    Leon BaruahUniversity of Sussex
    Riccardo BassiriUniversity of Glasgow
    Michael BennettKeele University
    Jude BowyerImperial College London
    David BoyceUniversity of LeicesterTalk
    Dr Sarah BridleUniversity College LondonTalk
    Sarah BühlerInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Oliver ButtersThe Open UniversityPoster
    Michael CampbellInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Andrew CarterThe Open University
    Sara CarverCardiff University
    Robert ChuterUniversity of Nottingham
    Chris CottisUniversity of LeicesterPoster
    Philip DavisThe Open UniversityPoster
    Daniel DickenUniversity of Sheffield
    Nick DunstoneUniversity of St Andrew's
    Francesca FaediUniversity of LeicesterPoster
    Martin FeixUniversity of St AndrewsPoster
    James FurnessUniversity of SheffieldTalk
    Timothy GarnUniversity of CambridgePoster
    Hoda GhodsiUniversity of Glasgow
    Colin GillUniversity of Glasgow
    Sarah GravesUniversity of CambridgePoster
    Dr Scott GregoryUniversity of St AndrewsTalk
    Ian HarryCardiff University
    Karen HaughianUniversity of Glasgow
    Bruno HenriquesUniversity of SussexTalk
    Tom HughesCardiff University
    Brendan JacksonInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Berian JamesInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Sohan JheetaThe Open UniversityPoster
    Rebecca JohnstonCavendish Astrophysics
    Noé KainsUniversity of St Andrews
    Aram KangInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Evan KeaneUniversity of ManchesterPoster
    Julia KennedyInstitute for Astronomy, EdinburghPoster
    Alina KiesslingInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Iraklis KonstantopoulosUniversity College LondonTalk
    Dr Chris LintottUniversity of OxfordTalk
    Stuart LynnInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Alberto Rebassa MansergasUniversity of WarwickPoster
    Jonathan MarshallThe Open UniversityPoster
    Iain McDonaldKeele UniversityPoster
    Rachel McInnesInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Nicola MehrtensUniversity of Sussex
    Yasin MemariInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    James MullaneyUniversity of DurhamPoster
    Nadya KunawiczUniversity of Manchester
    Malgorzata PajakUniversity of Glasgow
    Dr David ParkinsonUniversity of Sussex
    Hannah ParkinsonInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Paniez PaykariImperial College London
    Henry PearceInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Neil PhillipsInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Leila PowellUniversity of OxfordTalk
    Tim RawleUniversity of DurhamPoster
    Hamish ReidUniversity of Glasgow
    Simon ReynoldsInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Rhys RhodesUniversity of Nottingham
    Jenny RichardsonInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Javier RodriguezUniversity of SheffieldTalk
    Nicholas RowellInstitute for Astronomy, EdinburghPoster
    Satoru SakaiUniversity of Glasgow
    Stuart SaleImperial College London
    Anita SchaelInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Dr Fergus SimpsonInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Mairead SkellyImperial College LondonPoster
    Anthony SmithUniversity of SussexPoster
    David Ricardo Serrano SobralInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Ian SollomCavendish Astrophysics
    Paul SteeleUniversity of LeicesterPoster
    Sarah SticklerCardiff University
    Edward ThomsonUniversity of Glasgow
    Rita TojeiroInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh
    Lingyu WangImperial College London
    Dr Roger WessonUniversity College London
    Stephen WilkinsInstitute of Astronomy, CambridgeTalk
    Gareth A. WilliamsQueen Mary, University of LondonTalk
    Xufen WuUniversity of St AndrewsPoster

The Local Organising Committee are keen to hear any questions or comments you might have ahead of the meeting and can be contacted at

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