The 2007 Young Astronomers' Meeting will be hosted by the Institute for Astronomy at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh on the 7th of December. The meeting flyer, linked on the right as a moderately-sized jpeg, is also available in both pdf and high-resolution jpeg format for distribution around your department.

Registration has now closed!

The Local Organising Committee wishes to emphasise that this meeting is pitched at astronomy graduate students and early-career astronomers of all ages. We would particularly welcome contributions from mature students and post-docs. We are keen to hear any questions or comments you might have ahead of the meeting and can be contacted at


  • 4 December 2007 - Christkindlmarkt

    Only a few days to go now! We've decided to make full use of Edinburgh's winter attractions and will head to the Christmas Markets in central Edinburgh following the meeting. More information on Edinburgh's Christmas buzz is available on their website, the Winter Wonderland site and on the full list on 7 December events. At the very least, you should expect: ice skating, the Edinburgh Wheel, the traditional German Christmas markets, the giant Norwegian Christmas tree, the ethical Christmas market and the Highland village Christmas market.

    As some participants might want to head off on their own, or back to their hotels, there will be two meeting times during the evening for YAM participants: at 1930 by the National Galleries on the corner of Princes St and The Mound, and at 2030 by the Christmas tree at the top of The Mound. Maps will be included with registrations packs to help everyone find their way around.

    There will be plenty of food and drink available at the markets and, if you prefer to admire the Gardens from afar, in the nearby pubs and restaurants. Remember to dress warmly; while the BBC is forecasting reasonably clear weather, it will be getting down to 3 degrees at night.

    UPDATE (05/12): A map and timetable for the social event is available here.

  • 13 November 2007 - Speakers announced

    The uniformly high quality of the abstracts that were submitted as potential talk topics has made it very difficult to select speakers for the meeting, but the talk slots have now been filled. An overview of the YAM schedule is provided on the programme page and detailed abstracts for the talks have been provided on a separate page.

    Those who have not been selected to give at talk at this year's meeting are now invited to confirm their intention to present a poster. As these confirmations come in, they will be added to the posters abstract page (in preparation).

    Thank you to everyone for being champs,

    RAS YAM 2007 LOC

    Berian James, Jenny Richardson, Fergus Simpson & Rita Tojeiro

  • 2 November 2007 - Registration closed

    It is with mixed sentiment that we announce the early closure of the registration for this year's Young Astronomers' Meeting. With in excess of eighty participants at this time, we will run the risk of being short on seating if this unrestrained form submission is allowed to continue without interruption.

    We hope we aren't short-changing anyone who has been crafting the perfect abstract for submission on the 6th of November. If this describes you or someone you know, please email the organisers just as soon as you can.

    Best wishes,

    RAS YAM 2007 LOC

    Berian James, Jenny Richardson, Fergus Simpson & Rita Tojeiro

  • 28 October 2007 - YAM almost full

    The number of registrations is about to pass 70. While we are delighted at the interest that the meeting is generating, it will be difficult for us to guarantee positions at YAM for more than 75 people, on account of the size of the Observatory's lecture theatre.

    Anyone interested in attending is strongly encouraged to register in the next day or so! Even after this period, if you are interested in attending, please register so that we can generate a waiting list in case other participants decide not to come.

    Many thanks,

    RAS YAM 2007 LOC

    Berian James, Jenny Richardson, Fergus Simpson & Rita Tojeiro

  • 17 October 2007 - YAM half-full

    The number of participants at the meeting is nearing 40, with the number of presentation entries hardly deviating from N/2 as new registrations come in. We intend to close registration at around 75 participants, so if you are in the process of making a decision on whether to come we urge you to choose quickly.

    At that number, we can expect upward of 35 requests for talk or poster spots. Regrettably, not everyone will be able to present a talk at the meeting, but we will do everything we can to ensure that it is possible to present your research as a poster. In any event, a decision on talks and posters will be made shortly after the 7th of November.

    We're very happy with the turn-out so far and thank everyone for helping us out by registering speedily.

    RAS YAM 2007 LOC

    Berian James, Jenny Richardson, Fergus Simpson & Rita Tojeiro

  • 8 October 2007 - Second Announcement

    Registration is opened and our second announcement has gone out:

    Dear all,

    Registration for the 2007 RAS Young Astronomers Meeting is now open. The meeting will be held on December 7th at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. Our website, which also includes the preliminary schedule and details for travel arrangements, can be found at:

    Postgraduate students and early-career postdocs are encouraged to submit abstracts for poster or oral contributions. The deadline for registration is November 7th, but may close early since spaces are limited.

    We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh.


    RAS YAM 2007 LOC

    Berian James, Jenny Richardson, Fergus Simpson & Rita Tojeiro
  • 8 October 2007 - Registration

    And we are go for launch... the registration is now open, and only a day late.

  • 22 September 2007 - First Announcement

    The 2007 YAM meeting website is launched and our first announcement has been sent out:

    Dear All,

    We are very pleased to announce the 2007 Royal Astronomical Society Young Astronomers Meeting (YAM), to be held on the 7th of December at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. This one-day meeting, targeted at students and post-doctoral researchers, is an important opportunity for early-career astronomers and astrophysicists to present and discuss the work that they and others are carrying out.

    The schedule combines a diverse programme of talks with a generous allotment of time for discussion and networking. Registration opens on the 7th of October and a second announcement will be made at that time, including information on the submission of poster and oral presentations.

    Warm regards,

    RAS YAM 2007 LOC

    Berian James, Jenny Richardson, Fergus Simpson & Rita Tojeiro

    The short version: Registration opens on the 7th of October.

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