Package wsatools :: Module File :: Class HTMLFile
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Class HTMLFile

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Class for browser and monitor page files.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, fileName)
Split name into parts, eg.:...
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writeHeader(self, title, cssStyleFiles, baseUrl=None)
Write the standard header info into the file.
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writeTimestamp(self, semester, timestamp, db)
Write the monitor page timestamp.
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Write the genaral footer into the file.
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Properties [hide private]

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__init__(self, fileName)

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Split name into parts, eg.:
{           path                   }{         base                }
{        topdir        }{  subdir  }{         root           }{ext}
{ diskdir  }{  common  }{          fileID (w/o cat)     }
                                    { sdate }{runno}{ ftype  }

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