Package wsatools :: Module File :: Class File
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Class File

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general File class

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, fname)
Split name into parts, eg.:...
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test for its existence
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get the size
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open in append mode
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open for reading
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open for writing
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remove file
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close the file object
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test if the file is closed
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chmod(self, mode)
change the mode of the file
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readlines(self, strip=True, commentChar=None, omitEmptyLines=False, findValues=[], omitValues=[])
read all lines and strip the linebreaks
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readline(self, strip=False)
read one line (including linebreak)
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writelines(self, lines)
write all lines in given list, appending linebreaks
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writeline(self, the_line)
write given line, no linebreak appended
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writetheline(self, the_line)
write given line with linebreak
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copyFile(self, outfile, the_line='')
copy file linewise; up to line 'the_line' if given
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Properties [hide private]

Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, fname)

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Split name into parts, eg.:
{           path                   }{         base                }
{        topdir        }{  subdir  }{         root           }{ext}
{ diskdir  }{  common  }{          fileID (w/o cat)     }
                                    { sdate }{runno}{ ftype  }

Overrides: object.__init__