Package helpers :: Module OverlappingFileFinder :: Class OverlappingFileFinder
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Class OverlappingFileFinder

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Finds all frames in a comparison survey that match with a set of frames in a main survey

Nested Classes [hide private]
RequiredMosaic(productID, ra, dec, raExtent, decExtent, posAngle)
Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, mainSurvey, compSurvey, mainData, compData)
Queries archive to determine full provenance info of given file.
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run(self) source code
checkFrames(self, mainDataGridDict) source code
getMainDataGrid(self, mainSurveyPointingData) source code
checkDataSources(self) source code
checkDB(self, dataBase, surveyName, isMain)
Checks whether survey programme exists on file system...
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getData(self, isMain) source code
getArchiveData(self, isMain) source code
getHalfSpaces(self, fTypeSel, isMain)
Calculates half-spaces for each detector of the correct frame type.
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parseFile(self, fileName) source code
parseLine(self, line, ltype) source code
findOverlaps(self) source code

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Class Variables [hide private]
  mainSurveyData = None
  compSurveyData = None
  productType = None
  archive = None
Connection to database to query.
  combFileName = None
Path to top-level file with provenance info.
  frameType = None
Base component frame type.
  isPawPrint = False
Is the top-level file a paw-print?
  normalFrameInfo = None
  normalList = None
  sysc = None
Initialised SystemConstants for this archive.
  isMainDb = False
  isCompDb = False
  productsOnly = False
  _frameInfoOfType = None
Dictionary of frame info referenced by type.
  _provList = None
Complete list of component files (ProvFile).
  _projection = 'ZPN'
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Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, mainSurvey, compSurvey, mainData, compData)

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Queries archive to determine full provenance info of given file.

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