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I have been a keen chess player for many years, dating back to my school years. During my time in Cambridge University Chess Club I also wrote a number of articles for the University chess magazine, Dragon, including the following: More recently I've been playing for the 1st team of the Pentland Hills Chess Club in the Edinburgh and Lothians Chess League, run by Chess Edinburgh. My 2011/2 Scottish grade is 2028.
I used to play a large number of sports, until family commitments (or age!) slowed me down. I still manage occassional squash and five-a-side football. I go through phases of training to run long-distance races. In 2006, I completed the London Marathon in a time of 3 hr 14 mins, although I couldn't walk for 3 days afterwards. In 2012, I bettered this with a 3 hr 9 min completion of the Edinburgh Marathon. Roll on 2018.....
Elapsed sports that I used to enjoy a lot include golf (handicap down to 10), cycling and Ultimate Frisbee, while hill walking and hiking are now just an occasional treat.
As a spectator I enjoy most sports, but one cannot do better than to support the great and mighty Bolton Wanderers!
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