Access to the job-submission system, the Intel compilers, and extra science-related software & libraries requires additions to your environment paths.

Depending on whether you use tcsh or bash as your shell, you can set your environment as follows

Shell File to add to Line to add
tcsh ~/.tcshrc source /home/ert/tcshrc_ert_paths
bash ~/.bash_login . /home/ert/bashrc_ert_paths


Paths to locally-installed pacakges are managed via Environment Modules.

Available modules are listed via
module avail

Modules already loaded are listed via
module list

Enable passwordless logins

The queuing system assumes you have passwordless logins to copy log files across from worker nodes.

Enable passwordless logins by the following commands:

cd ~/.ssh
ssh-keygen -t rsa
cp authorized_keys
(<ret> just means press return)


ssh worker002
(It should log you in w/o asking for a password)