While stacpolly is primarily paid for and used by the IGM, Weak Lensing, Planetary Formation, and Galaxy Formation groups within the IfA, stacpolly is available for use at a limited level by the general IfA community.

Non-IfA users are welcome for short-terms while partaking on work associated with one of the primary groups at the IfA listed above. External users are subject to the following requirements and conditions:

For all requests for an account, you must be a member of the IfA or sponsored by one of the Primary Users listed below.

If you are a member of the IfA, submit a helpdesk ticket requesting an account on stacpolly.

For non-IfA users, first contact for approval, either Avery Meiksin or Jim Dunlop. As a courtesy, please CC Eric Tittley. When you have approval, submit a helpdesk ticket as above.

Primary Users

For further information or queries, contact Eric Tittley.