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Astronomer Royal for Scotland:

The title of Astronomer Royal for Scotland was created in 1834 and formally linked with the post of Regius Professor of Astronomy in the University of Edinburgh.

The title was in abeyance from 1991 to 1995, during which time the decision was made to separate the posts of Regius Professor of Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, and the traditional link which had existed between the title of Astronomer Royal for Scotland and the Regius Professorship was also formally severed. The first Astronomer Royal for Scotland under this new system was the Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Glasgow:

Summary of Archives:

Astronomical Institution of Edinburgh (and earlier) 1764-1834

Thomas Henderson 1834-1844

Charles Piazzi Smyth 1845-1888

Dunecht: James Ludovic Lindsay 26th Earl of Crawford 1871-1875

Ralph Copeland 1889-1905

Frank Watson Dyson 1905-1910

Ralph Allan Sampson 1910-1937

Charles Piazzi Smyth Archives

Sketchbooks, manuscripts and printed material: on permanent loan from the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Photographic plates

Slides, engravings