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Module jpeg

JPEG thumbnail image creator (C++ module with Python bindings).

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dict(int:tuple(float, float, float))
Make compressed JPEGs from MEF images.
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  __package__ = None
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Make compressed JPEGs from MEF images.

  • hdumap (dict(int:str)) - Dictionary of output file names referenced by HDU number.
  • mef (str) - Name of FITS MEF file.
  • coordfile (str) - Name arrow co-ordinate file to use for this JPEG.
  • scrunch (int) - Reduce number of pixels by this factor.
  • quality (int) - JPEG compression quality (percentage).
  • contrast (float) - Greyscale contrast (fraction).
  • neoverlay (bool) - If True, overlay a North-East direction indicator.
  • theta (float) - Radians to rotate image by.
Returns: dict(int:tuple(float, float, float))
Dictionary of maximum, minimum and median pixel values in original image referenced by HDU number.