Package wsatools :: Module SExtractorInterface
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Module SExtractorInterface

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Creates Source Extractor catalogues from deep/mosaic images in CASU-like format.

Author: N.J. Cross

Organization: WFAU, IfA, University of Edinburgh

To Do:

Requires: PyFITS, Numpy, Scientific, SExtractor

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Provides an interface between CU13 and functions to process an image with SExtractor
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getPrimaryHeader() source code
selectData(dArray, header, minX, maxX, minY, maxY)
Selects data in correct part of mosaic only
source code
Routine to find which x and y coordinates go to with which image.
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rmsModel(params, mag)
Simple rms model
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breakOutExt(imageObj, extNum, type='IMAGE')
Function to break out extension.
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This function splits a header line into component parts
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breakoutData(line, types) source code
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  __package__ = 'wsatools'