Package wsatools :: Module ProgrammeBuilder
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Module ProgrammeBuilder

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Automatic programme setup tools to determine the correct curation settings. Updates the curation tables in the database and creates the necessary schema files.

Author: N.J.G. Cross

Organization: WFAU, IfA, University of Edinburgh

Contributors: R.S. Collins

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Automatically determines the correct curation settings for a given programme.
This translates schema template grammar into a current status
Programme requirements from registration file.
Current requirements in archive.
Best new setup from stack data.
This determines the setup of the multi-epoch tables based on the details in Programme.
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commitSchema(archive, comment, isNonSurvey=True)
Commits schema to SVN if new tables created on load database.
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extractTables(tableLines, status) source code
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  __package__ = 'wsatools'
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commitSchema(archive, comment, isNonSurvey=True)

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Commits schema to SVN if new tables created on load database.

  • archive (DbSession) - Connection to database where new tables have been created.
  • comment (str) - Comment, i.e. new or updated.
  • isNonSurvey (bool) - Commit non-survey schema changes.