WFCAM & VISTA Science Archives

I'm now a software developer for the wide-field astronomy unit (WFAU) of the IfA at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. Presently we are developing the science archives to store the infrared survey data taken by both the WFCAM instrument installed on the UK Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) and the new purpose-built survey telescope VISTA in the Southern Hemisphere. Find out more here.

PhD Research

For my PhD I developed a radiative transfer code for high-energy astrophysical emission processes, which we cunningly named the High-Energy Astrophysics Radiative Transfer code or (the HEART code). In fact, this acronym is a rather good one, as the HEART code, will lie at the heart of any model to explain the time varying spectra from high-energy astrophysical sources. For example the HEART code can be used to model the broadband emission from relativistic jets and accretion disc coronae.


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