Ross Collins

Survey Astronomy Software Developer

Wide-Field Astronomy Unit (WFAU)
Institute for Astronomy (IfA)
University of Edinburgh (UoE)
Royal Observatory Edinburgh (ROE)


  • 11th November 2022 - Giving this newfangled social media thing a try:
  • 12th June 2012 - Now also a developer for the UK-SDC of the Euclid Consortium and data model custodian for OU-SHE
  • 17th November 2011 - See my Google Scholar profile
  • 1st July 2009 - Now working for the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (Gaia DPAC; in DU10 of CU5) as well as for the VISTA Data Flow System (VDFS)
  • 27th October 2006 - ADASS poster now on-line
  • 25th April 2006 - NAM poster now on-line
  • 24th November 2005 - Open Day talk and ADASS poster/paper now on-line
  • 14th August 2005 - My PhD thesis is now on-line
  • 31st July 2005 - I've moved to Edinburgh!
  • 6th April 2004 - New webpage format