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Revised 2-year plan for the UKIDSS GCS

N.C. Hambly on behalf of the GCS Working Group

August 2003

A revision of the plan for the UKIDSS GCS has been prompted by

At an ad hoc meeting of the GCS Working Group in Cambridge on July 9th 2003, the following decisions were taken (full minutes of the meeting are available at [1]): The revised two year plan is shown in Table 1.

Table: Revised 2 year programme for the GCS. In practice, any given pointing for the GCS will be observed at ZYJHK together or K only at the two epochs (except for Orion where two epochs are not required). The lowest priority targets 11 and 12 are currently outwith the two year plan but may be reinstated if fewer filters are needed for any of the higher priority targets in the final optimised programme (see text).
Relative Target Bands/areas Time
priority   (filters/sq.deg) (ks)
1 IC 4665 ZYJHK/0.8 0.83
2 Pleiades ZYJHK/79 83.3
3 Alpha Per ZYJHK/50 53.3
4 Praesepe ZYJHK/28 30.0
5 Taurus-Auriga ZYJHK/central 24 25.2
6 Orion ZYJHK/central 16 16.8
7 Sco ZYJHK/central 24 25.2
8 Per-OB2 ZYJHK/12.6 13.2
9 Hyades K only/291 61.0
10 Coma-Ber K only/78.5 16.5
    2yr total: 325.3
11 Taurus-Auriga K only/remaining 362 76.0
12 Sco K only/remaining 130 27.3


Minutes of the ad hoc GCS Working Group meeting at the IoA, Cambridge on July 9th 2003;

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Revised 2-year plan for the UKIDSS GCS

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