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The UKIDSS Galactic Clusters Survey is one of the five subsurvey components of the
UKIDSS programme. This page provides a link to the up-to-date plans for implementation
of the GCS. This web site also contains an archive of all GCS-specific documentation and
meeting notes, as well as links to relevant web sites.

Target list

LATEST NEWS: As part of UKIDSS Data Release 4, see the latest GCS coverage here.

Documentation archive (most recent first):

Observing plan (for the first 2 years)

Details of revision of the 2-year plan (also available as gzipped PostScript or PDF)

Meeting minutes: IoA, Cambridge; 9/7/2003

Implementation discussion document

Original GCS 2-year plan (as submitted to the UKIDSS Consortium)

Original GCS proposal (as submitted to the UKIDSS Consortium but with revised target list)


WFAU science archive development pages

CASU pipeline processing pages


JAC Sky Survey web pages - for information on progress and access to survey database areas

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