In the 1970s, two Cheshire schoolboys with a penchant for fooling around with guitars had a dream... little did they realise that one day their dream would come true. As college chums in the 1980s, they went on to form the second greatest rock'n'roll band in the world: Jahn Teller and The Distortions!

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Leicester "Rock Family Trees..."

It was the musical melting pot known as The Old Coffee Bar Club that brought together a group of like-minded musos studying at Leicester University. In 1986, Danny and Greg supplemented their guitar duo (dig that version of Slip-Slidin' Away) with bass player Andy from Dingoes Away (when they stopped playing, the... well, you get the joke) and Brumijum rhythmn guitarist Steve. Along with Ash on vocals and Andy Almond (also from Dingoes) on drums, the band was born. All that remained was to choose a name - politico Greg left it to boffins Danny and Steve to come up with the name, and Jahn Teller stormed onto the Leicester scene. In 1987, Greg bumped into saxophonist Nige (ex The Judged) in the student's union and suggested he joined, despite the fact that the latter knew only one solo (Roxy-esque cover of John Lennon's Jealous Guy). The line-up was complete; the JT&D "wall of sound" was built...

The boys reminisce (...or the real story of how it all happened).

The set list

Jahn Teller and The Distortions play a heady mixture of rock'n'roll classics from the golden age of popular music. Feast your Britneys on this lot:

Masterpieces from the pen of Lynott/Moore et al:

Classics from the desk of Mercury/May/Taylor/and the other one:

Good ol' good ones from the rumpus-room of Jagger/Richards and the boys:

From the tankard-of-ale-and-plate-of-kippers-fuelled musings of Gerry Rafferty:

And good-time soul/blues/jive:

The Gigs (including photo gallery)

The line-up

Jahn Teller and The Distortions are:

...and those who have also served:

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