Greg remembers:

" Gigs I remember included February 1987 - The Old Coffee Bar Club Comes to Villiers. We played with a strings section (cello and violin). Went down quite well until we blew the power across Oadby.

June 1987 at the Ratcliffe Summer Ball - played on outside stage - we were 1st of about 17 bands including The Filberts (later to record as Diesel Park West), and Bad Manners headlined only 7 hours after our set (our first brush with the long tongued one)

September 1997 onwards - when it really happened. We played the Ratcliffe and Villiers and went down a storm. We then had quite a few gigs that Autumn/Winter : Villiers Xmas Ball (supporting Geno) The Ratcliffe a few times (including a completely new, one off 2 hour rock n roll set for a US style "prom") Gilbert Murray (where we started too soon, ran out of material and had to play our set over again) The Charles Wilson for some university society event (not our finest hour - the crowd didn't seem to get us) Supporting Bad Manners at the Rag Ball in the Pitt at the Union (one of them crashed our dressing room and ate our sandwiches because "that fat bastard ate all ours"; we played after them, at around 2am - did a great first number then emptied the room. The the Dingoes joined us on stage - the two Andy's had played a gig with the Dingoes elsewhere that night already - Coventry Labour Club??)

By Easter we were a bit jaded. We even played Beaumont without all of the line up. Finals were looming and we'd had enough of the set. However, some the Sumer Balls and we did some of our best work - partly thanks to refreshing the set with a couple of new tunes, (often thanks to Nige - eg Inspector Theme, Pink Panther, Riot in Cell Block No 9, Rubber Biscuit) and finally dropping Cocaine. Villiers Summer Ball 1988 was our last big one as undergraduates, and we rocked!

Apart from a few partial reunions (including one at Beaumont, and playing at a party with the Dingos in a kitchen in 1989!), the band got on with their lives for a few years. Many of them splintered off (splitters!) to become grown up jazzmen in Leicester for the post grad years (nice).

In the 90s however, certain band members managed to persuade some babes to settle down, and being too cheap to hire proper entertainers for their nuptials, this lead to the next great renaissance of JTD - the Wedding Singer years. A field in Somerset, a converted church in Bristol, and a hotel in Berks were the places were aunties complained about the noise, and uncles and dads showed us all how they can still "get down".

Following this rebirth, any excuse could be found for a gig would do. 30th birthdays were a favourite - we did Dan's in a pub in Leeds during Euro 96, Greg's at Hampton Court FC in August 1997 (aka the day Diana died), and one for some bloke we'd met in the pub.

Then there was the infamous Spinal Tap tribute in Bristol. many thanks to Elaine for making the Stonehenge scenery. We went up to Others included The Moon (Derby) February 2001, The Grampian (Derby) March 2002."

Dan recalls:

" Also supported Thali at an anti-acism gig in the Pitt ... very shortly after the Chilli Willi disaster. Also, we didn't poach Andy from Dingo's Away ... they poached him from us. The link with Andy was via Steve since they both lived at Ratcliffe. We traded our bassist for their drummer ....

Family Tree: Dan knew Greg from school ... and Steve and Ash from Chem/Biol lectures and karate. Steve knew Andy from Ratcliffe. Greg knew Nige from Villiers. Andy Almond knew "orange" John and met us via Tower St. or Dingoes Away... Dan met Bob in 1996 via "friend of a freind of a friend" bit of luck

Although Greg and I played as "Naked Lunch" at the OCBC a few times, it was actually Steve and me, following numerous lunchtime guitar chats, that decided to spend silly money on guitars and form a band. I remember us both walking to Villers to find Greg and tell time that we were going to form a band and would he be the singer? We somehow got Ash involved and the four of us played at the OCBC - first time was good ... 2nd time was crap. Then we found a female bassist ... and borrowed a drummer or two ... there was a talent contest at Ratcliffe where we came 2nd but still joined in the finale with ?? (the band with the wigs & spandex) ... we were using borrowed amps (big 'uns) and I remember standing on a chair during "Wild Thing" playing the loudest (& crappest) solo ever with some bloke from Ratcliffe threatening to unplug me. heh heh. During that next summer hols, Greg & Steve organised a new set list ... we met Andy & Nige ... and the rest is history.

We also did an acoustic Housemartins set in Villiers bar once."

Steve recalls:

" Oct '86 - Ash Dan Greg & Me - played OCBC as two acoustics two vocalists acoustorock outfit - but I can't quite remember what we played, was it Ziggy & 'til the day I die? Then Danny made me buy an amp - for which I will alwayes be truly grateful and .... Next week Oct '86 - Ash Dan Greg & Me - played OCBC as a two distortions two vocalists distortorock outfit. I think this was after the rock out to The Who session at Craig and dave's party!!!

Line up at Villiers (from where I am banned for life...but I'm not telling you why) was Ash, Dan, Greg, Steve, Karen (bass) and Rosie ('cello) and didn't Pete from the Judged do one number with us on drums?

March '87 - we got equal second place to Blackhead at the Ratcliffe talent competition tying with some daft stripper act (eh-hum). Karen still playing bass, who played drums? was it Mark from Blackhead?"