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Solar System science group

Solar System research is (in recent times) a relatively new area within the IfA, beginning with my appointment in 2018. There is now a small and growing research group in this area. Group members are listed below. We also work with the Centre for exoplanet science and the UK Centre for astrobiology within the university.

Join us! We do not currently have any specific positions advertised, but are always happy to discuss hosting post-doc fellowships etc. Possible PhD projects in comets/asteroids are also available.

University of Edinburgh academic staff:

  • Dr Colin Snodgrass


  • Dr Cyrielle Opitom (ESO fellow)
  • Dr Agata Rozek (NEOROCKS PDRA)


  • Daniel Gardener (PhD student)
  • Lea Ferellec (visiting Masters student)
  • Helen Usher (external PhD student, at the Open University)

Others at the ROE with scientific interests in comets/asteroids:

  • Dr John Davies (UKATC)
  • Dr Roy Williams (WFAU)
  • Dr Nigel Hambly (WFAU)