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The PRVS Consortium consists of the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, University of Hertfordshire Centre for Astrophysics Research, the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at Pennsylvania State University and the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii.

The Project Team members are listed in the table below:

Project Team Members
Institution Title Names
Univ. of Hertfordshire Principal Investigator Hugh Jones
UK ATC Project Manager David Lunney
Instrument Scientist Bill Dent
Electronic Design Derek Ives
Optical Design David Henry
Mechanical Design David Montgomery
Systems Engineer Phil Rees
Pipeline Lead Andy Vick
Calibration Adrian Webster
IfA Instrument Scientist John Rayner
Software Design Hubert Yamada
Mechanical Design Werner Stahlberger
Science Team Mike Liu, Bill Vacca
Penn State Workpackage lead and science co-I Larry Ramsay
Science Team Eric Feigelson, James Kasting, Kevin Luhman, Donald Schneider, Steinn Sigurdsson, Alex Wolszczan

Scientists contributing to the science case and design for PRVS case are listed in the table below;

Science Team
Scientist Institute, Location Specialities
Jeremy Bailey McQuaire University, Australia Planets, Exoplanets, IR astronomy
John Barnes University of Hertfordshire, UK Cool stars
Tim Brown Las Cumbres Observatory Precision astronomy
Andrew Collier Cameron University of St Andrews, UK Doppler/Zeeman mapping
Mike Cushing Arizona, USA Brown dwarfs
Bill Dent ATC, Edinburgh, UK Young disks, star & planet formation
J-F Donati Toulouse, France Polarimetry
Derek Fox Penn State, USA Gamma Ray Bursts
Peter Hauschildt University of Hamburg, Germany Model Atmospheres
Todd Henry Georgia State, USA Nearby stars
Chris Johns-Krull Rice University, USA Stellar activity
Hugh Jones University of Hertfordshire, UK Exoplanets, brown dwarfs
Jim Kasting Penn State, USA Brown dwarfs
Marek Konacki Nicolaus Copernicus, Poland Exoplanets
Andrew Levan University of Hertfordshire, UK High Redshift Cosmology
Doug Lin University of California, USA Star and planet formation
Mike Liu IfA, Hawaii, USA Brown dwarfs, extra-solar planets
Andy Longmore ATC, Edinburgh, UK Infrared astronomy
Kevin Luhman Penn State, USA Brown dwarfs
Steve Miller University College London, UK Solar system
Mike Murphy University of Cambridge, UK Fine structure constant
Andrej Niedzielski Torun Observatory, Poland Precision astronomy
Francesco Pepe Genva Observatory, Switzerland Precision radial velocities
Lisa Prato Lowell Observatory, USA IR binaries
Larry Ramsey Penn State, USA Star formation, binaries, YSOs
John Rayner IfA, Hawaii, USA Star formation
Ignas Snellen Leiden University, Netherlands Characterisation of extra-solar planets
Ed Thommes CTIA, Canada Star and planet formation
Chris Tinney AAO, Australia Exoplanets, brown dwarfs
Bill Vacca Sophia Observatory, USA Exoplanets
Adrian Webster IfA, Edinburgh, UK Interstellar chemistry
Alex Wolszczan Penn State, USA Exoplanets
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