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Class UnitDependencies

This class implements the description of the unit dependencies described in the Scheduling Design document (section in 2005-08). It is still very much in development, and presently is only expected to provide for a very simple dependency on the completion of one other unit. Actual implementation still in debate.

General Info
Name UnitDependencies 
Owner  obsproject 
Visibility public 
Is Active false 
Is Abstract false 

Name Type Begins Ends 
 unnamed Association  UnitDependencies  ObsUnit 

Name Type Classifier Default Value 
 executionCount  Integer  UnitDependencies 
 delay  Time  UnitDependencies  
 expression  String  UnitDependencies  
 dependencyList  String  UnitDependencies  
 unnamed  ObsUnit  UnitDependencies  
 margin  Time  UnitDependencies