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Class ExpectedProperties

The properties of this source that are expected to be measured. Mostly for technical assessment and validation of the observing requested.

General Info
Name ExpectedProperties 
Owner  obsproject 
Visibility public 
Is Active false 
Is Abstract false 

Name Type Begins Ends 
 unnamed Association  AbstractTargetParameters  ExpectedProperties 

Name Type Classifier Default Value 
 expectedPeakFluxDensity  Flux  ExpectedProperties  
 desiredPolarizationPercentage  double  ExpectedProperties  
 expectedLineWidth  UserFrequency  ExpectedProperties  
 referenceFrequency  Frequency  ExpectedProperties  
 expectedPeakLineFluxDensity  Flux  ExpectedProperties  
 expectedSpectralDynamicRange  double  ExpectedProperties 0.0 
 expectedImageDynamicRange  double  ExpectedProperties 0.0 
 desiredLinePolarizationPercentage  double  ExpectedProperties 0.0 
 desiredLineCircularPolarizationPercentage  double  ExpectedProperties 0.0 
 desiredCircularPolarizationPercentage  double  ExpectedProperties 0.0 
 solarActivityLevel  solarActivityLevels  ExpectedProperties None 
 isPassivePhasing  Boolean  ExpectedProperties false