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Class ObservatoryGoal

This aggregates the parameters necessary for creating an Observatory Goal - a specialized type of observing goal for many observatory calibration type modes, for instance interferometric pointing.

General Info
Name ObservatoryGoal 
Owner  obsproject 
Base Classifier  AbstractScienceGoal 
Visibility public 
Is Active false 
Is Abstract false 

Inner Elements
Name Type 
 unnamed Generalization 

Name Type Begins Ends 
 unnamed Association  ObservatoryGoal  CalibrationSetupParameters 
 unnamed Association  ObservatoryGoal  ObservatoryGoalControlParameters 
 unnamed Generalization  ObservatoryGoal  AbstractScienceGoal 
 unnamed Association  ObservatoryGoal  QuerySource 
 unnamed Association  ObservatoryGoal  ObservatoryGoalTargetParameters 
 unnamed Association  ObservatoryGoal  SpectralSetupParameters 

Name Type Classifier Default Value 
 purpose  String  ObservatoryGoal  
 unnamed  ObservatoryGoalTargetParameters  ObservatoryGoal  
 unnamed  SpectralSetupParameters  ObservatoryGoal  
 unnamed  CalibrationSetupParameters  ObservatoryGoal  
 ObservatoryGoalQueryParameters  QuerySource  ObservatoryGoal  
 integrationTime  Time  ObservatoryGoal  
 useQuery  Boolean  ObservatoryGoal false 
 unnamed  ObservatoryGoalControlParameters  ObservatoryGoal