ROE Workshop 2012

Synergies between large-area infrared surveys, VLT-MOONS and Euclid

5-6th November 2012, Royal Observatory Edinburgh

Aim and scope:

The advent of deep, large-area, infrared surveys over the past decade has revolutionised our understanding of the Universe, tracing the assembly and structure of galaxies - from our own Milky Way out to the very first galaxies at the epoch of reionisation. The next ten years promise to be even more exciting, with plans for powerful new infrared facilities such as the ESA Euclid mission (ESA Euclid Website & Euclid Consortium Website) and the MOONS instrument for the VLT.

This two-day workshop will bring together astronomers from a wide range of topics (galactic, extragalactic, cosmology). The goal is to identify synergies and opportunities between Euclid, MOONS, and other projects such as the Gaia mission. In particular, we will explore the opportunities for coordinated programmes and the requirements these would have on the observational strategies. Speakers are encouraged to present their latest results, within the context of these future IR facilities.

Structure of the workshop:

Session 1: Synergies for studies of the Milky Way and local galaxies

Session 2: Synergies for Cosmological studies

Session 3: Synergies for galaxy formation studies

Session 4: Break-out sessions

A detailed view of the preliminary programme is available: Programme Details

Confirmed Invited Speakers

J. Brinkmann, J. Dunlop, A. Fontana, G. Gilmore, L. Guzzo, H. Hoekstra, T. Kitching, R. Maiolino, P. Norberg, S. Oliver, L. Origlia.

Registration & Abstracts

There is a registration fee of £50 including an evening conference dinner plus lunches, tea and coffee will be provided on both days.

Deadline for registration and presentation of abstract is 15th October 2012.

Registration & Abstract Submission


Participants must arrange their own accommodation for the workshop. There is a wide range of accommodation in Edinburgh; a list of nearby guest houses (bed & breakfast), and some city hotels, is available at the:

ROE Accommodation Page


For general enquiries about the workshop please contact

The ROE conference is supported by the UK Astronomy Technology Centre and the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Edinburgh.