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SCOSPOS is a set of routines to enable coordinate transformations to be carried out tied to a SuperCOSMOS measurement. This involves getting the details of the measurement and the original plate exposure from the ASCII version of the SuperCOSMOS housekeeping file, along with the coefficients of the transformation between celestial coordinates and SuperCOSMOS (X,Y).

The routines use two additional libraries

sporthk - SuperCOSMOS libraries for reading the ASCII housekeeping file

slalib - library written by P.T.Wallace (Starlink) for performing astrometric and related functions

An example of using the routines is provided by the program whose source is in scospos.f. This program can be compiled and linked using

f77 -o scospos scospos.f scospos_adtoxy.f scospos_cocomm.f scospos_cocomo.f \
   scospos_cocoom.f scospos_prmo.f scospos_r2sgf.f scospos_readhk.f \
   scospos_xytoad.f ../sporthk/sporthk.o /star/lib/libsla.a

SuperCOSMOS development
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