Package wsatools :: Module QualityControl :: Class NonSurveyDeprecator
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Class NonSurveyDeprecator

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Deprecates non-survey data according to quality control criteria. If supplied with a specific programmeID then deprecations are just propagated to that programme's detection table, otherwise just frame and multiframe data for all non-surveys are quality controlled.

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Perform quality control to deprecate data in the database.
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Propagate deprecations to detection table of current programme.
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Deprecate frames and multiframes for all non-survey data only.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  _autoCommit = True
Should this curation task auto-commit database transactions?
  _isPersistent = True
Should this curation task try to re-open broken database connections?
  cuNum = 20
Curation task number.
  endDate = '9999-12-31'
Final date of data to quality control.

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Perform quality control to deprecate data in the database.

Overrides: DbConnect.CuSession.CuSession._onRun