Package wsatools :: Package DbConnect :: Module IngIngester :: Class IngestLogger
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Class IngestLogger

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A logger class based on Logger, but appends to the log on __del__ instead of writing.

Note: Do not set the isVerbose option of this class to False, otherwise old logs will be overwritten and the last log doubled up. This will change once there is a writeMode argument.

To Do: This class will become obsolete, probably by giving Logger a writeMode argument to the constructor, with a default of 'w'. Need to be sure that the log reset is OK too. If class stays it will be renamed and moved into

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Appends all messages that have been currently logged.
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append(fileName, reset=True) source code
addText(message, alwaysLog=True)
Log a message without timestamp.
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Appends all messages that have been currently logged.

Overrides: Logger.Logger.__del__

addText(message, alwaysLog=True)
Static Method

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Log a message without timestamp. This is displayed to stdout if in "echoOn" mode, and also written to the log file if not in "isVerbose" mode.

  • message (str) - The message to log.
  • alwaysLog (bool) - If False, then this message will only be logged when isVerbose is True.