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Class Cu29

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Ingest internal catalogues and create neighbour and lookup join tables for a given programme.

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    Nested Errors and Exceptions

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Ingest internal catalogues and create neighbour and lookup join tables.
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areVariableTypes(self, externCatInfo)
Checks to see if there is a set of variables tables that should be merged into variable types table
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ingestCats(self, externCat)
Checks to see if catalogues have been ingested
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createIngestableFile(self, notIngFile, externCat, mainTableName)
Create a csv file that is ingestable
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breakIntoParts(self, line, externFileHeaderInfo)
Breaks line into correct parts
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parseHeader(self, fileData)
Parse the header to get information
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matchCats(self, externCat)
Match to source table - either directly or with neighbour table.
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setProgrammeTable(self, externCat)
Set entry in ProgrammeTable if it does not exist.
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setupSchema(self, externCat)
Create schema from template.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  cuNum = 29
Curation task number.
  _autoCommit = True
Should this curation task auto-commit database transactions?
  _isPersistent = True
Should this curation task try to re-open broken database connections?
  _outgester = None
A DbSession.Outgester object for performing outgests.

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Ingest internal catalogues and create neighbour and lookup join tables.

Overrides: wsatools.DbConnect.CuSession.CuSession._onRun