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Class FilterCalculator

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Calculate filter parameters.

To Do: make more sophisticated. Transmission curves read from FITS files with instructions on how to use encapsulated in header values.

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Set up programme database settings and/or schema.
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readInFilterFile(self, filePath, columns=[0,1], lambFact=None, transFact=None)
Read in data from file.
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rebinFilterData(self, filterData)
This takes a data set with constant or varying stepsize and rebins it to the a constant given stepsize.
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recalWavelength(self, filterTable, filterData) source code
getAebv(self, filterData) source code
calcDeltaM(self, filterData, dustFac) source code
Fill in any zeros in ellip galaxy data
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getVegaToAB(self, filterData)
Calculate vegaToAB correction, Based on method from Benitez
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getOneSecMlVg(self, filterID)
Select short exposure stacks in DB and measure mag limit for low airmass, low seeing, low back stacks.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  wlRes = 4.
  filterList = None
  maxNoDets = 50000
  leffAebvFit = numpy.poly1d(numpy.array([3.70500678e-18,-3.1707...

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readInFilterFile(self, filePath, columns=[0,1], lambFact=None, transFact=None)

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Read in data from file. Convert to correct units Angs and trans rebin to correct

rebinFilterData(self, filterData)

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This takes a data set with constant or varying stepsize and rebins it to the a constant given stepsize.

To Do: smoothing, lsq

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numpy.poly1d(numpy.array([3.70500678e-18,-3.17077496e-13, 1.20646461e-\
08,-3.75441111e-05, 1.89276578e-01]))