Package helpers :: Module CalcMagLmt :: Class CalcMagLim
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Class CalcMagLim

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Tests maglim code for set of created products

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Calculate magnitude limits
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Class Variables [hide private]
  cuNum = -9999
Curation Unit number
  releaseNum = 0
Release number of stacks to create.
  reprocess = False
Reprocess existing products of the current type?
  useDeep = False
Use previous stack as part of this stack?
  numStack = None
Number of intermediate stacks to be used.
  notDepOnly = False
Use non-deprecated stacks only
  existingProducts = None
List of details of products already ingested in the database.
  dateRange = CuSession.sysc.obsCal.dateRange()
Nights to stack.
  dirDate = time.strftime("%Y%m%d", time.gmtime())
Output dir date.
  newProductsOfType = None
Dictionary of ProductDetails for each type of product successfully created.
  _tmpWorkDir = None
Common temporary working directory for all threads.
  imageProductDict = None
  idImageProductDict = None
  deepProdMfIDDict = None

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Calculate magnitude limits

Overrides: wsatools.DbConnect.CuSession.CuSession._onRun