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Class Indexer

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Create table indexes for all programmes.

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Creates indices for all tables.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  cuNum = 18
Curation task number.
  _autoCommit = True
Should this curation task auto-commit database transactions?
  indexName = ''
Select just those indices with this phrase in their name.
  releasedOnly = False
Just apply releasable indices?

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Creates indices for all tables.

Method: use the information parsed from the static SQL script WSA_Indices.sql to cycle through every index for every table, creating each one if it does not exist. The underlying assumption is that if an index needs updating, then it will have been dropped by a previous procedure that updated the indexed data, e.g. a bulk load operation, or a recalibration operation.

Overrides: wsatools.DbConnect.CuSession.CuSession._onRun