OptionNames Namespace Reference

Definitions of named options. More...


const std::string sqlfile = "sqlfile"
const std::string pixfile = "pixfile"
const std::string catfile = "catfile"
const std::string archive = "archive"
const std::string cuEvent = "cuEvent"
const std::string files = "files"
const std::string tables = "tables"
const std::string csvpath = "csvpath"
const std::string csvprefix = "csvprefix"
const std::string sqlpath = "sqlpath"
const std::string illumname = "illumname"
const std::string outtables = "outtables"
const std::string newobjid = "newobjid"

Detailed Description

Definitions of named options.

Variable Documentation

const std::string OptionNames::archive = "archive"

Referenced by Options::getArchive(), and main().

const std::string OptionNames::catfile = "catfile"
const std::string OptionNames::csvpath = "csvpath"

Referenced by Options::getCsvPath(), and main().

const std::string OptionNames::csvprefix = "csvprefix"

Referenced by Options::getCsvPrefix(), and main().

const std::string OptionNames::cuEvent = "cuEvent"

Referenced by Options::getCurationEvent(), and main().

const std::string OptionNames::files = "files"

Referenced by Options::getFileList(), and main().

const std::string OptionNames::illumname = "illumname"

Referenced by Options::getIllumFileList(), and main().

const std::string OptionNames::newobjid = "newobjid"
const std::string OptionNames::outtables = "outtables"
const std::string OptionNames::pixfile = "pixfile"
const std::string OptionNames::sqlfile = "sqlfile"
const std::string OptionNames::sqlpath = "sqlpath"

Referenced by Options::getSqlPath(), and main().

const std::string OptionNames::tables = "tables"

Referenced by main().

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