KSBf90: A Fortran 90 Implementation of Kaiser, Squires and Broadhurst 1995.

This is the homepage of KSBf90, a fortran 90 version of KSB, the most typically used shear measurement method for studies of weak gravitational lensing.  It has been written by Catherine Heymans and has been made publicly available along with five other shear measurement codes for the GREAT08 challenge.  These codes are detailed in the appendices of the GREAT08 Handbook and the STEP papers.

Download a tarball of the KSBf90 code and GREAT08 scripts: KSBf90.tar

Download a tarball of GREAT08 SExtractor catalogues: GREAT08_SExtractor_files.tar.gz

Installing and compiling KSBf90 software and libraries

Analysing GREAT08 with KSBf90

Analysing real astronomical data with KSBf90



For non-astronomers:

This code was originally developed for the analysis of astronomical data, so you will find parts of the code which are not relevant for the GREAT08 simulated data.  The author of the code apologies in advance that she is not a trained computer programmer and therefore sadly cannot offer help with software or library installation problems or compiler incompatibilites.

For astronomers:

Whilst we have released the code primarily for GREAT08, KSBf90 has retained all the additions that you would need to analyse real astronomical data.  In principle, this code should run on any sized fits image with any CCD configuration.

Page maintained by Catherine Heymans, IfA, University of Edinburgh