KSBf90: A Fortran 90 Implementation of Kaiser, Squires and Broadhurst 1995.

The KSBf90 software has been evolving since the start of my PhD in 2000.  It exists in it’s current form thanks to the following people:

Ludovic Van Waerbeke: For helping me replace NAG libraries an update to using ds9 reg files to mask data.  Also for teaching me how to script and use the command line.

Ed Olding and Gavin Dalton: For showing me how PGPLOT can take input from a mouse.

Nick Kaiser: For the original C version of KSB, from which the getshapes routine is borrowed.

Thomas Erben, the Institute for Physics and Mathematics, Tehran and the organisers of the IAP DUEL weak lensing summer school:  For encouraging me to make it more user friendly.

John Haggerty:  For the Makefile.

Elise Allthorpe-Mullis:  For road-testing the code during her Masters research project.

The GREAT08 team: For also making their codes public in an effort to make the “black magic” world of weak lensing measurement more transparent.

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