Notes on UK Schmidt Photographic Request Form

Below are some brief notes to help users complete the on-line application form for UK Schmidt plates and SuperCOSMOS scans.

The form is intended for applicants who require new or existing UKST plates, if SuperCOSMOS scans are also required then section 6 should be completed. Users who already have UKST plates on loan to them but require SuperCOSMOS scans can miss out sections 4 and 5.

Applicants requesting SuperCOSMOS scans of non-UKST material should complete the non-UKST application form.

Users wanting UKST plates measured on other machines (eg APM) must first apply for the plates to be put on loan to them using this form.

Survey A-grades are not freely available for loan but can usually be made available to the measuring machines.

There is a charge for any copies on film or glass requested.

More information can be found in the UKSTU and SuperCOSMOS web pages.

Notes for Section 3

Notes for Sections 4 & 5

Notes for Section 6