SuperCOSMOS Scanning Request Form

Use this form to apply for scanning of photographic plates or films taken with telescopes other than the UK Schmidt and provided by yourself. Use the standard UKST form if you want new and/or existing UKST plates/films scanned. Applications for scanning more than ten plates/films will be peer-reviewed by the UKST PATT TAG and/or the AUSS.

This form places your input into a Latex file which you can then download.We recommend that you then process the Latex file, make any additions/corrections and then submit the completed form to us either by e-mail or post. Your application will then be acknowledged and assigned a reference number.

It's probably a good idea just to put a short amount of text or marker (or cut and paste from a file you've already created) in the Scientific case text box (section 3). Once you've received the e-mailed version of the Latex form you can edit in the rest of the case. This is in case anything goes wrong (system/network crash) and will save you from having to re-type large amounts of text.

If you move to another WWW page in the middle of completing this form you should be able to get back to where you were using BACK on your browser. However it's probably safer to fill it all in one go!

NB - make sure the email is entered correctly (it accepts the @ symbol) eg

Notes on filling in the form

1. Details of Applicants

i) Principal Applicant Name: Address: Tel: Fax: email: ESSENTIAL

ii) If applicant is a student give name of supervisor: Student(yes/no): Supervisor:

iii) Collaborators (names and institutions)

2. Programme

i)   Title of programme ( less than 60 characters)

ii) Is this a continuation of an existing programme yes/no?

iii) If YES please give reference number (if known) T/

From here on remember to use latex language/commands i.e. to get a percent sign enter \%

3. Scientific case

Please try to limit to one side of A4.
We recommend that you only enter a marker or a short amount of text at this stage and edit in the case when you have downloaded the processed Latex file.


Before applying for scanning of non-UKST material, you are urged to consult with the SuperCosmos staff (contact Harvey McGillivray, regarding the technical feasibility of your requests. If `Threshold' is left blank, the SuperCosmos operator will apply a percentage threshold equivalent to 2.5 sigma, where sigma is the noise of the sky background at plate centre.

Size of IAM,
Plate/film region MM Threshold Area
Plate/film size to scan or (%) for cut User
identifier Telescope (mm x mm) (mm x mm) Emulsion Filter both IAM data pixels priority

4. ii) Comments

When you have completed the form, click on the Proceed button below. This will process the form and return with links to the Latex and postscript files. Edit the latex files as necessary prior to submitting either by email ( or post (UKSTU, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh EH9 3HJ, UK