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Refereed publications: 2008

  1. Tully-Fisher relations from an HI-selected sample
    Meyer, M. J., Zwaan, M. A., Webster, R. L., Schneider, S., Staveley-Smith, L. (5 authors)
    MNRAS 391 (2008) 1712

  2. A survey for redshifted molecular and atomic absorption lines - II. Associated HI, OH and millimetre lines in the z $>$~ 3 Parkes quarter-Jansky flat-spectrum sample
    Curran, S. J., Whiting, M. T., Wiklind, T., Webb, J. K., Murphy, M. T., Purcell, C. R. (6 authors)
    MNRAS 391 (2008) 765

  3. AAOmega radial velocities rule out current membership of the planetary nebula NGC 2438 in the open cluster M46
    Kiss, L. L., Szabó, G. M., Balog, Z., Parker, Q. A., Frew, D. J. (5 authors)
    MNRAS 391 (2008) 399

  4. A radio survey of seven southern X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies
    Slee, O. B., Andernach, H., McIntyre, V. J., Tsarevsky, G. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 391 (2008) 297

  5. Newly confirmed and candidate Galactic SNRs uncovered from the AAO/UKST H$\alpha$ survey
    Stupar, M., Parker, Q. A., Filipovic, M. D. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 390 (2008) 1037

  6. Search for OB stars running away from young star clusters. I. NGC 6611
    Gvaramadze, V. V., Bomans, D. J. (2 authors)
    A&A 490 (2008) 1071

  7. The Combined NVSS-FIRST Galaxies (CoNFIG) sample - I. Sample definition, classification and evolution
    Gendre, M. A., Wall, J. V. (2 authors)
    MNRAS 390 (2008) 819

  8. Contamination by field late-M, L, and T dwarfs in deep surveys
    Caballero, J. A., Burgasser, A. J., Klement, R. (3 authors)
    A&A 488 (2008) 181

  9. The Second-Generation Guide Star Catalog: Description and Properties
    Lasker, B. M., Lattanzi, M. G., McLean, B. J., Bucciarelli, B., Drimmel, R., Garcia, J., Greene, G., Guglielmetti, F., Hanley, C., Hawkins, G., Laidler, V. G., Loomis, C., Meakes, M., Mignani, R., Morbidelli, R., Morrison, J., Pannunzio, R., Rosenberg, A., Sarasso, M., Smart, R. L., Spagna, A., Sturch, C. R., Volpicelli, A., White, R. L., Wolfe, D., Zacchei, A. (26 authors)
    AJ 136 (2008) 735

  10. An extremely wide and very low-mass pair with common proper motion. Is it representative of a nearby halo stream?
    Scholz, R.-D., Kharchenko, N. V., Lodieu, N., McCaughrean, M. J. (4 authors)
    A&A 487 (2008) 595

  11. Twenty-Three New Ultracool Subdwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    Lépine, S., Scholz, R.-D. (2 authors)
    ApJ 681 (2008) L33

  12. Subtle Signatures of Multiplicity in Late-type Dwarf Spectra: The Unresolved M8.5 + T5 Binary 2MASS J03202839-0446358
    Burgasser, A. J., Liu, M. C., Ireland, M. J., Cruz, K. L., Dupuy, T. J. (5 authors)
    ApJ 681 (2008) 579

  13. A Spectroscopic Survey for $\omega$ Centauri Members at and beyond the Cluster Tidal Radius
    Da Costa, G. S., Coleman, M. G. (2 authors)
    AJ 136 (2008) 506

  14. The Radial Velocity Experiment (rave): Second Data Release
    Zwitter, T., Siebert, A., Munari, U., Freeman, K. C., Siviero, A., Watson, F. G., Fulbright, J. P., Wyse, R. F. G., Campbell, R., Seabroke, G. M., Williams, M., Steinmetz, M., Bienaymé, O., Gilmore, G., Grebel, E. K., Helmi, A., Navarro, J. F., Anguiano, B., Boeche, C., Burton, D., Cass, P., Dawe, J., Fiegert, K., Hartley, M., Russell, K., Veltz, L., Bailin, J., Binney, J., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Brown, A., Dehnen, W., Evans, N. W., Re Fiorentin, P., Fiorucci, M., Gerhard, O., Gibson, B., Kelz, A., Kujken, K., Matijevic, G., Minchev, I., Parker, Q. A., Peñarrubia, J., Quillen, A., Read, M. A., Reid, W., Roeser, S., Ruchti, G., Scholz, R.-D., Smith, M. C., Sordo, R., Tolstoi, E., Tomasella, L., Vidrih, S., Wylie-de Boer, E. (54 authors)
    AJ 136 (2008) 421

  15. The PHOENIX Deep Survey: Extremely Red Galaxies and Cluster Candidates
    Smith, A. G., Hopkins, A. M., Hunstead, R. W., Schmidt, S. J., Afonso, J., Georgakakis, A. E., Cram, L. E., Mobasher, B., Sullivan, M. (9 authors)
    AJ 136 (2008) 358

  16. Young stars and brown dwarfs surrounding Alnilam ($\epsilon$ Orionis) and Mintaka ($\delta$ Orionis)
    Caballero, J. A., Solano, E. (2 authors)
    A&A 485 (2008) 931

  17. The effects of stellar populations on galaxy scaling relations in the 6dF Galaxy Survey
    Proctor, R. N., Lah, P., Forbes, D. A., Colless, M., Couch, W. (5 authors)
    MNRAS 386 (2008) 1781

  18. Cosmic dynamics in the era of Extremely Large Telescopes
    Liske, J., Grazian, A., Vanzella, E., Dessauges, M., Viel, M., Pasquini, L., Haehnelt, M., Cristiani, S., Pepe, F., Avila, G., Bonifacio, P., Bouchy, F., Dekker, H., Delabre, B., D'Odorico, S., D'Odorico, V., Levshakov, S., Lovis, C., Mayor, M., Molaro, P., Moscardini, L., Murphy, M. T., Queloz, D., Shaver, P., Udry, S., Wiklind, T., Zucker, S. (27 authors)
    MNRAS 386 (2008) 1192

  19. The B-type giant HD 271791 in the Galactic halo. Linking run-away stars to hyper-velocity stars
    Heber, U., Edelmann, H., Napiwotzki, R., Altmann, M., Scholz, R.-D. (5 authors)
    A&A 483 (2008) L21

  20. The extragalactic radio-source population at 95GHz
    Sadler, E. M., Ricci, R., Ekers, R. D., Sault, R. J., Jackson, C. A., de Zotti, G. (6 authors)
    MNRAS 385 (2008) 1656

  21. An H$\alpha$-selected sample of cataclysmic variables - II. Implications for CV evolution
    Pretorius, M. L., Knigge, C. (2 authors)
    MNRAS 385 (2008) 1485

  22. An H$\alpha$-selected sample of cataclysmic variables - I. Observations of newly discovered systems
    Pretorius, M. L., Knigge, C. (2 authors)
    MNRAS 385 (2008) 1471

  23. A new ultracool white dwarf discovered in the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey
    Rowell, N. R., Kilic, M., Hambly, N. C. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 385 (2008) L23

  24. Void statistics and void galaxies in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey
    von Benda-Beckmann, A. M., Müller, V. (2 authors)
    MNRAS 384 (2008) 1189

  25. The Australia Telescope 20-GHz (AT20G) Survey: the Bright Source Sample
    Massardi, M., Ekers, R. D., Murphy, T., Ricci, R., Sadler, E. M., Burke, S., de Zotti, G., Edwards, P. G., Hancock, P. J., Jackson, C. A., Kesteven, M. J., Mahony, E., Phillips, C. J., Staveley-Smith, L., Subrahmanyan, R., Walker, M. A., Wilson, W. E. (17 authors)
    MNRAS 384 (2008) 775

  26. Radio galaxies in the 2SLAQ Luminous Red Galaxy survey - II. The stellar populations of radio-loud and radio-quiet LRGs
    Johnston, H. M., Sadler, E. M., Cannon, R., Croom, S. M., Ross, N. P., Schneider, D. P. (6 authors)
    MNRAS 384 (2008) 692

  27. MASH-II: more planetary nebulae from the AAO/UKST H$\alpha$ survey
    Miszalski, B., Parker, Q. A., Acker, A., Birkby, J. L., Frew, D. J., Kovacevic, A. (6 authors)
    MNRAS 384 (2008) 525

  28. Clouds, Gravity, and Metallicity in Blue L Dwarfs: The Case of 2MASS J11263991-5003550
    Burgasser, A. J., Looper, D. L., Kirkpatrick, J. D., Cruz, K. L., Swift, B. J. (5 authors)
    ApJ 674 (2008) 451

  29. Stars and brown dwarfs in the $\sigma$ Orionis cluster: the Mayrit catalogue
    Caballero, J. A. (1 author)
    A&A 478 (2008) 667

  30. The environs of the H II region Gum 31
    Cappa, C., Niemela, V. S., Amorín, R., Vasquez, J. (4 authors)
    A&A 477 (2008) 173

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