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Refereed publications: 2009

  1. A Constraint on Brown Dwarf Formation Via Ejection: Radial Variation of the Stellar and Substellar Mass Function of the Young Open Cluster IC 2391
    Boudreault, S., Bailer-Jones, C. A. L. (2 authors)
    ApJ 706 (2009) 1484

  2. Unveiling the molecular environment of the ring nebula RCW 78
    Cappa, C. E., Rubio, M., Martín, M. C., Romero, G. A. (4 authors)
    A&A 508 (2009) 759

  3. SDSS J013655.91+242546.0 - an A-type hyper-velocity star from the outskirts of the Galaxy
    Tillich, A., Przybilla, N., Scholz, R.-D., Heber, U. (4 authors)
    A&A 507 (2009) L37

  4. Reaching the boundary between stellar kinematic groups and very wide binaries. The Washington double stars with the widest angular separations
    Caballero, J. A. (1 author)
    A&A 507 (2009) 251

  5. The 6dF Galaxy Survey: final redshift release (DR3) and southern large-scale structures
    Jones, D. H., Read, M. A., Saunders, W., Colless, M., Jarrett, T., Parker, Q. A., Fairall, A. P., Mauch, T., Sadler, E. M., Watson, F. G., Burton, D., Campbell, L. A., Cass, P., Croom, S. M., Dawe, J., Fiegert, K., Frankcombe, L., Hartley, M., Huchra, J., James, D., Kirby, E., Lahav, O., Lucey, J., Mamon, G. A., Moore, L., Peterson, B. A., Prior, S., Proust, D., Russell, K., Safouris, V., Wakamatsu, K.-I., Westra, E., Williams, M. (33 authors)
    MNRAS 399 (2009) 683

  6. Binary planetary nebulae nuclei towards the Galactic bulge. II. A penchant for bipolarity and low-ionisation structures
    Miszalski, B., Acker, A., Parker, Q. A., Moffat, A. F. J. (4 authors)
    A&A 505 (2009) 249

  7. An Infrared/X-Ray Survey for New Members of the Taurus Star-Forming Region
    Luhman, K. L., Mamajek, E. E., Allen, P. R., Cruz, K. L. (4 authors)
    ApJ 703 (2009) 399

  8. A Near-Infrared Study of the Stellar Cluster: [DBS2003] 45
    Zhu, Q., Davies, B., Figer, D. F., Trombley, C. (4 authors)
    ApJ 702 (2009) 929

  9. e-VLBI observations of GHz-peaked spectrum radio sources in nearby galaxies from the AT20G survey
    Hancock, P. J., Tingay, S. J., Sadler, E. M., Phillips, C., Deller, A. T. (5 authors)
    MNRAS 397 (2009) 2030

  10. The IPHAS-POSS-I proper motion survey of the Galactic plane
    Deacon, N. R., Groot, P. J., Drew, J. E., Greimel, R., Hambly, N. C., Irwin, M. J., Aungwerojwit, A., Drake, J., Steeghs, D. (9 authors)
    MNRAS 397 (2009) 1685

  11. Spitzer 24 $\mu$m Images of Planetary Nebulae
    Chu, Y.-H., Gruendl, R. A., Guerrero, M. A., Su, K. Y. L., Bilikova, J., Cohen, M., Parker, Q. A., Volk, K., Caulet, A., Chen, W.-P., Hora, J. L., Rauch, T. (12 authors)
    AJ 138 (2009) 691

  12. Discovery of a large and bright bow shock nebula associated with low-mass X-ray binary SAX J1712.6-3739
    Wiersema, K., Russell, D. M., Degenaar, N., Klein-Wolt, M., Wijnands, R., Heinz, S., Read, A. M., Saxton, R. D., Tanvir, N. R. (10 authors)
    MNRAS 397 (2009) L6

  13. A new detailed examination of white dwarfs in NGC 3532 and NGC 2287
    Dobbie, P. D., Napiwotzki, R., Burleigh, M. R., Williams, K. A., Sharp, R., Barstow, M. A., Casewell, S. L., Hubeny, I. (8 authors)
    MNRAS 395 (2009) 2248

  14. The luminosity function for white dwarfs in the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey
    Rowell, N. R., Hambly, N. C., Bergeron, P. (3 authors)
    JPhCS 172 (2009) 012001

  15. A massive white dwarf member of the Coma Berenices open cluster
    Dobbie, P. D., Casewell, S. L., Burleigh, M. R., Boyce, D. D. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 395 (2009) 1591

  16. A new search for distant radio galaxies in the Southern hemisphere - III. Optical spectroscopy and analysis of the MRCR-SUMSS sample$\dagger$
    Bryant, J. J., Johnston, H. M., Broderick, J. W., Hunstead, R. W., De Breuck, C., Gaensler, B. M. (6 authors)
    MNRAS 395 (2009) 1099

  17. Optical and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of the L Subdwarf SDSS J125637.13-022452.4
    Burgasser, A. J., Witte, S., Helling, C., Sanderson, R. E., Bochanski, J. J., Hauschildt, P. H. (6 authors)
    ApJ 697 (2009) 148

  18. A new search for distant radio galaxies in the Southern hemisphere - II. 2.2$\mu$m imaging*
    Bryant, J. J., Broderick, J. W., Johnston, H. M., Hunstead, R. W., Gaensler, B. M., De Breuck, C. (6 authors)
    MNRAS 394 (2009) 2197

  19. First detection of optical light from SNR G279.0+1.1
    Stupar, M., Parker, Q. A. (2 authors)
    MNRAS 394 (2009) 1791

  20. Field optimization and CCD data simulation for the antarctic International Concordia Explorer Telescope (ICE-T)
    Fügner, D., Fuhrmann, C., Strassmeier, K. G. (3 authors)
    AN 330 (2009) 330

  21. Star formation around RCW 120, the perfect bubble
    Deharveng, L., Zavagno, A., Schuller, F., Caplan, J., Pomarès, M., De Breuck, C. (6 authors)
    A&A 496 (2009) 177

  22. The Spectral Energy Distributions of Red Two Micron All Sky Survey Active Galactic Nuclei
    Kuraszkiewicz, J., Wilkes, B. J., Schmidt, G., Ghosh, H., Smith, P. S., Cutri, R., Hines, D., Huff, E. M., McDowell, J. C., Nelson, B. (10 authors)
    ApJ 692 (2009) 1143

  23. High frequency GPS sources in the AT20G survey
    Hancock, P. J. (1 author)
    AN 330 (2009) 180

  24. Galaxy evolution in Abell 85. I. Cluster substructure and environmental effects on the blue galaxy population
    Bravo-Alfaro, H., Caretta, C. A., Lobo, C., Durret, F., Scott, T. (5 authors)
    A&A 495 (2009) 379

  25. Triggered star formation on the borders of the Galactic Hii region RCW 82
    Pomarès, M., Zavagno, A., Deharveng, L., Cunningham, M., Jones, P., Kurtz, S., Russeil, D., Caplan, J., Comerón, F. (9 authors)
    A&A 494 (2009) 987

  26. The Brown Dwarf Kinematics Project I. Proper Motions and Tangential Velocities for a Large Sample of Late-Type M, L, and T Dwarfs
    Faherty, J. K., Burgasser, A. J., Cruz, K. L., Shara, M. M., Walter, F. M., Gelino, C. R. (5 authors)
    AJ 137 (2009) 1

  27. Trigonometric parallaxes of ten ultracool subdwarfs
    Schilbach, E., Röser, S., Scholz, R.-D. (3 authors)
    A&A 493 (2009) L27

  28. A composite K-band luminosity function for cluster galaxies
    De Propris, R., Christlein, D. (2 authors)
    AN 330 (2009) 943

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