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Refereed publications: 2001

  1. $\ast$The SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey - I. Introduction and description
    Hambly, N. C., MacGillivray, H. T., Read, M. A., Tritton, S. B., Thomson, E. B., Kelly, B. D., Morgan, D. H., Smith, R. E., Driver, S. P., Williamson, J., Parker, Q. A., Hawkins, M. R. S., Williams, P. M., Lawrence, A. (14 authors)
    MNRAS 326 (2001) 1279

  2. $\ast$The SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey - II. Image detection, parametrization, classification and photometry
    Hambly, N. C., Irwin, M. J., MacGillivray, H. T. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 326 (2001) 1295

  3. $\ast$The SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey - III. Astrometry
    Hambly, N. C., Davenhall, A. C., Irwin, M. J., MacGillivray, H. T. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 326 (2001) 1315

  4. $\ast$Time Dilation and Quasar Variability
    Hawkins, M. R. S. (1 author)
    ApJ 553 (2001) L97

  5. Photometry and membership for low mass stars in the young open cluster NGC 2516
    Jeffries, R. D., Thurston, M. R., Hambly, N. C. (3 authors)
    A&A 375 (2001) 863

  6. PSR J1740-3052: a pulsar with a massive companion
    Stairs, I. H. (16 authors)
    MNRAS 325 (2001) 979

  7. $\ast$A UKST survey of blue objects towards the Galactic centre - seven additional fields
    Dufton, P. L., Smartt, S. J., Hambly, N. C. (3 authors)
    A&A 373 (2001) 608

  8. Very Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs of the Young Open Cluster IC 2391
    Barrado y Navascués, D., Stauffer, J. R., Briceño, C., Patten, B., Hambly, N. C., Adams, J. D. (6 authors)
    ApJS 134 (2001) 103

  9. $\ast$Direct Detection of Galactic Halo Dark Matter
    Oppenheimer, B. R., Hambly, N. C., Digby, A. P., Hodgkin, S. T., Saumon, D. (5 authors)
    Sci 292 (2001) 698

  10. $\ast$New Wolf-Rayet central stars of planetary nebulae identified on the AAO/UKST H$\alpha$ Survey
    Morgan, D. H., Parker, Q. A., Russeil, D. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 322 (2001) 877

  11. $\ast$The trigonometric parallax of DENIS-P J104814.7-395606.1
    Deacon, N. R., Hambly, N. C. (2 authors)
    A&A 380 (2001) 148

  12. $\ast$The Clustering of AGNs and Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift
    Brown, M. J. I., Boyle, B. J., Webster, R. L. (3 authors)
    AJ 122 (2001) 26

  13. $\ast$The Evolution of Radio Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift
    Brown, M. J. I., Webster, R. L., Boyle, B. J. (3 authors)
    AJ 121 (2001) 2381

  14. $\ast$The recent structural evolution of the SMC
    Maragoudaki, F., Kontizas, M., Morgan, D. H., Kontizas, E., Dapergolas, A., Livanou, E. (6 authors)
    A&A 379 (2001) 864

  15. $\ast$A Catalogue of carbon stars in the LMC
    Kontizas, E., Dapergolas, A., Morgan, D. H., Kontizas, M. (4 authors)
    A&A 369 (2001) 932

  16. $\ast$A Large Spectroscopic Survey for Young Low-Mass Members of the Upper Scorpius OB Association
    Preibisch, T., Guenther, E., Zinnecker, H. (3 authors)
    AJ 121 (2001) 1040

  17. J06587-5558: a very unusual polarized radio source
    Liang, H., Ekers, R. D., Hunstead, R. W., Falco, E. E., Shaver, P. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 328 (2001) L21

  18. The First Hour of Extragalactic Data of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Spectroscopic Commissioning: The Coma Cluster
    Castander, F. J. et al. (53 authors)
    AJ 121 (2001) 2331

  19. Ultracompact Dwarf Galaxies in the Fornax Cluster
    Phillipps, S., Drinkwater, M. J., Gregg, M. D., Jones, J. B. (4 authors)
    ApJ 560 (2001) 201

  20. Radio jets and diffuse X-ray emission around the peculiar galaxy pair ESO 295-IG022
    Read, A. M., Filipovic, M. D., Pietsch, W., Jones, P. A. (4 authors)
    A&A 369 (2001) 467

  21. Colliding winds in Wolf-Rayet binaries
    Setia-Gunawan, D.Y.A. (1 author)
    PhD Thesis (2001), University of Groningen

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