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Refereed publications: 2002

  1. $\ast$Quasar environment in the context of large-scale structure at z $\sim$ 0.3
    Söchting, I. K., Clowes, R. G., Campusano, L. E. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 331 (2002) 569

  2. $\ast$Exploring the Full Stellar Population of the Upper Scorpius OB Association
    Preibisch, T., Brown, A. G. A., Bridges, T., Guenther, E., Zinnecker, H. (5 authors)
    AJ 124 (2002) 404

  3. $\ast$SSSPM J0829-1309: a new nearby L dwarf detected in SuperCOSMOS Sky Surveys
    Scholz, R.-D., Meusinger, H. (2 authors)
    MNRAS 336 (2002) L49

  4. $\ast$Discovery of three nearby L dwarfs in the Southern Sky
    Lodieu, N., Scholz, R.-D., McCaughrean, M. J. (3 authors)
    A&A 389 (2002) L20

  5. $\ast$A New Wide Pair of Cool White Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood
    Scholz, R.-D., Szokoly, G. P., Andersen, M., Ibata, R., Irwin, M. J. (5 authors)
    ApJ 565 (2002) 539

  6. $\ast$Measurement of intrinsic alignments in galaxy ellipticities
    Brown, M. L., Taylor, A. N., Hambly, N. C., Dye, S. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 333 (2002) 501

  7. $\ast$Variability in active galactic nuclei: confrontation of models with observations
    Hawkins, M. R. S. (1 author)
    MNRAS 329 (2002) 76

  8. $\ast$An Halpha nebula possibly associated with the central X-ray source in the G 266.2-1.2 supernova remnant
    Pellizzoni, A., Mereghetti, S., De Luca, A. (3 authors)
    A&A 393 (2002) L65

  9. Search for nearby stars among proper motion stars selected by optical-to-infrared photometry. II. Two late M dwarfs within 10 pc
    McCaughrean, M. J., Scholz, R.-D., Lodieu, N. (3 authors)
    A&A 390 (2002) L27

  10. Mid-infrared, H$\alpha$ and radio continuum images of an unusual HII region, G308.70 + 0.60
    Cohen, M., Green, A. J., Parker, Q. A., Mader, S., Cannon, R. D. (5 authors)
    MNRAS 336 (2002) 736

  11. Probing the Distribution of Dark Matter in the A901/902 Supercluster with Weak Lensing
    Gray, M. E., Taylor, A. N., Meisenheimer, K., Dye, S., Wolf, C., Thommes, E. (6 authors)
    ApJ 568 (2002) 141

  12. High-resolution X-ray imaging of the colliding wind shock in WR 147
    Pittard, J. M., Stevens, I. R., Williams, P. M., Pollock, A. M. T., Skinner, S. L., Corcoran, M. F., Moffat, A. F. J. (7 authors)
    A&A 388 (2002) 335

  13. Spectroscopic detection of quasars in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey
    Madgwick, D. S., Hewett, P. C., Mortlock, D. J., Lahav, O. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 334 (2002) 209

  14. A Parkes half-Jansky sample of GHz peaked spectrum galaxies
    Snellen, I. A. G., Lehnert, M. D., Bremer, M. N., Schilizzi, R. T. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 337 (2002) 981

  15. BeppoSAX Observations of Synchrotron X-Ray Emission from Radio Quasars
    Padovani, P., Costamante, L., Ghisellini, G., Giommi, P., Perlman, E. (5 authors)
    ApJ 581 (2002) 895

  16. Optimal photometry for colour-magnitude diagrams and its application to NGC 2547
    Naylor, T., Totten, E. J., Jeffries, R. D., Pozzo, M., Devey, C. R., Thompson, S. A. (6 authors)
    MNRAS 335 (2002) 291

  17. Abell 1451 and 1RXS J131423.6-251521: A multi-wavelength study of two dynamically perturbed clusters of galaxies
    Valtchanov, I., Murphy, T., Pierre, M., Hunstead, R., Lémonon, L. (5 authors)
    A&A 392 (2002) 795

  18. Multiple Merging Events in the Double Cluster A3128/A3125
    Rose, J. A., Gaba, A. E., Christiansen, W. A., Davis, D. S., Caldwell, N., Hunstead, R. W., Johnston-Hollitt, M. (7 authors)
    AJ 123 (2002) 1216

  19. Stellar populations in early-type Coma cluster galaxies - I. The data
    Moore, S. A. W., Lucey, J. R., Kuntschner, H., Colless, M. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 336 (2002) 382

  20. The Fornax Cluster Spectroscopic Survey: a sample of confirmed cluster dwarfs
    Deady, J. H., Boyce, P. J., Phillipps, S., Drinkwater, M. J., Karick, A., Jones, J. B., Gregg, M. D., Smith, R. M. (8 authors)
    MNRAS 336 (2002) 851

  21. A deep large-area search for very low-mass members of the Hyades open cluster
    Dobbie, P. D., Kenyon, F., Jameson, R. F., Hodgkin, S. T., Hambly, N. C., Hawkins, M. R. S. (6 authors)
    MNRAS 329 (2002) 543

  22. The peculiar variable V838 Mon
    Kimeswenger, S., Lederle, C., Schmeja, S., Armsdorfer, B. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 336 (2002) L43

  23. The 2QZ BL Lac survey
    Londish, D., Croom, S. M., Boyle, B. J., Shanks, T., Outram, P. J., Sadler, E. M., Loaring, N. S., Smith, R. J., Miller, L., Maxted, P. F. L. (10 authors)
    MNRAS 334 (2002) 941

  24. A Case for Renewed Activity in the Giant Radio Galaxy J0116-473
    Saripalli, L., Subrahmanyan, R., Udaya Shankar, N. (3 authors)
    ApJ 565 (2002) 256

  25. Interstellar Scintillation of the Polarized Flux Density in Quasar PKS 0405-385
    Rickett, B.J., Kedziora-Chudczer, L., Jauncey, D.L. (3 authors)
    ApJ 581 (2000) 103

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